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We are passionate about producing graduates of the highest quality, with extensive training and understanding of the Equi-Bow technique.

Equi-Bow Canada Inc. offers:

  • An innovative curriculum, based on over 40 years of experience in research and development in the field of equine complimentary well being.

  • Small class sizes and dedicated instructors provide the attention and support you need to reach your highest potential.

  • An active, hands-on learning experience allowing you to acquire and retain information while maximizing your intuition and assessment skills.

  • Dedicated classroom and indoor arena facilities for your comfort.

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Our program is structured specifically for the needs of busy professionals. The class schedule is divided into blocks of online learning, in person teaching time, followed by independent case study work.

In the Foundation Series, you will learn....

  • Foundation body balancing protocols (Hind End, Midsection and Neck)

  • Emergency moves

  • Thorough study of anatomy related to the Foundation body balancing protocols

  • Information about equine behaviour, eyesight, basic anatomy, safety, management protocol, and practitioner self awareness

  • Initial development of assessment and palpation procedures

  • Discussion of record keeping

What our students are saying....

after attending the Foundation Series....

Eternally grateful...

Sue Baird

Hello Cheryl I want to convey to you the incredible value of your Foundation course (Full body balancing protocol). As you recall, I did the basic introductory course two years ago and have been using the protocol on my 20 year old mare Willow. The amazing Angela works regularly with the more advanced techniques, and I fill in the blanks in between sessions, as I see a need. At first, I MAJORLY doubted my skills and effectiveness, but watching Angela and learning to wade in on my own, and trust myself, I now feel confident that I can affect some pretty amazing changes in Willow! I was prompted to write this testimonial after two recent colic episodes - something I had never experienced with Willow in 17 years. After the first episode, Angela came out and included the digestive protocol (Advanced Mid-Section) in her session. This was likely a week post vet treatment with tubing, electrolytes and an antispasmodic drug, and the spasms were still ongoing. It was sooooo gratifying to see the improvement in her sunken left flank, and the complete calming of the very obvious gut spasms. When I saw some of Willow’s own special indicators of colic I moved quickly two days ago to have the vet again. Same diagnosis, same treatment. Yesterday I saw a much improved horse, but still the spasming. Soooooo, in the quietness of the empty barn, I spent probably 1 hour 15 minutes letting Willow lead me through a body balancing session. I added in as much as I could recall of the digestive protocol and saw a definite calming of the spasms. Something led me to work in the sternum area and Willow completely went into “the zone”, with her eyes closed, for ten minutes!! I left a calm, relaxed horse in her stall; and a much more confident, relaxed, relieved and dare I say HAPPY owner, headed home. As I conveyed to you in our phone call this morning, I cannot express the gratitude I have for the Equi-Bow program and the skills I have been able to apply to assist Willow. Last night I was so completely grounded and in tune with Willow that I believe she led me where I needed to go. I went home in a state of peace knowing that I had the tools to help Willow myself. (Although I am mighty grateful that I already had a booking with Angela later this week!!!) Your program has also taught me to take a deep breath and not shoot down the rabbit hole into the sympathetic neural pathway (i.e. panic!). By staying calm and believing that there is something I can do for my horse has changed me profoundly, and in a way that has carried over into the rest of my life. Looks like I may be considering the Advanced Midsection for me, and for Willow. Thanks for your other tips for stress reduction as well.

"I can't believe the volume of information you provide"


“I am so impressed and excited to read the material you have included with the program. What an opportunity…it is not what I expected.”

I had a life changing moment.....

Linzi Sally, Graduate Practitioner and Equi-Bow Instructor

"....when practicing Equi-Bow after the Foundation Course. I had been working with this pregnant mare, a thoroughbred that had been rescued from the race track after suspected abuse. She is very nervous around people (understandably so) and only allowed her current owners to handle or touch her (after six months), but never on her withers or back. The first time I met her I knew that this was a really special soul that need a little extra sensitivity. During the first session I held space for her and just allowed her to understand that I was there to help, if she wanted me to. At the end of the 20 minutes I was able to rest my hand on her shoulder. It felt like a triumph. The next time I met her she only allowed me to hold space, but from a distance and would not accept any physical touch or directed energy. She reminded me that every time you see a horse for an Equi-Bow session that they are a new horse and I had to remind myself not to be attached to the outcome or to be disappointed. The third session was nothing short of amazing. She and I connected on a different level and I was able to energetically provide her with the Equi-Bow basic body balance moves (which I had never done energetically before and wasn’t even sure if I was doing it correctly), to which she fully accepted. She was finally completely relaxed and was reacting as if I had done the moves physically! During the session I noticed that her right hind hock and ankle were swollen and near the end of the session she was rocking back and forth between her hind and front end. As her owner and I were standing there, I blurted out, “She wants to stay inside for a few days.” I have NO IDEA where that came from! It wasn’t MY recommendation, it was HER REQUEST! I never knew I could connect energetically to an animal, so much that I could feel what they felt and be a voice for them! I was just shocked. That is a moment I will never forget! Thank you, as it was your teaching that made me aware of my own abilities!

I have to say thank you.....

Janice Taylor, Graduate Practitioner

"... for a wonderful learning experience. It was great to do Equi-Bow on horses and amazing to see the effects that it had on them."

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